Calypso - A Very Special Kitty!


Calypso ​is a gorgeous, distinctive, quirky, 10.5  year old cat who came to HART as a stray more than 7 years ago. While is it very true she doesn’t have much patience for those who can’t read her social cues, when she does meet people who really "get" her, she lets down her guard and forms a trusting bond, as she has done with a few of our devoted volunteers. Calypso is a unique cat with specific needs in a relationship and home environment, and she has struggled to find just the right situation. Earlier this year, Calypso spent several weeks in a loving, cat-savvy foster home, and she did really well there. Her foster mom found her to be a wonderful, affectionate, energetic, intelligent, and extremely social feline companion.

Calypso wants to be able to have the run of the house so she can be in the same room with you all of the time, wherever you are, and she will engage you with her endearing, attention-grabbing antics, whether it's bringing you her favorite toy mouse, pawing at the critters on "cat tv," climbing furniture, or sitting on your lap or chest. She also loves to sleep in bed with you.


She enjoys sitting in front of windows to observe and smell the outdoors, and she would probably really enjoy having a catio or sunroom in her new home. Her foster mom shared that Calypso is a social eater, and she tends to eat much better when she can eat next to her people. She would often bring mouthfuls of food over to her foster mom, spit them out on the floor next to her, and then eat up the food, something her foster mom described as "the cutest darned thing I have ever seen!" One thing Calypso is not social about is litter box time, and when it comes to going potty, she insists on both total privacy and well-kept litter boxes; she has excellent litter box habits.


Calypso also started basic clicker training with her foster mom, quickly picking up on the training, and thriving on being engaged and active--she would likely benefit from continuing with this type of structured learning and bonding activity. Calypso wants to be her adoptive family's only companion animal, and she absolutely will not tolerate the company of other cats and dogs in her home. We know the perfect forever home for Calypso is out there. Perhaps you are her special someone?


If you are interested in meeting our lovely girl Calypso, please fill out an adoption application and make an appointment to visit her in Room 4.

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