Happy Tails from Room One


Okay, so Dusty is doing SO so well!!!  We all agree here that, in fact, she is doing vastly much better than we had even dared to hope she'd do!


Please accept my most sincere apologies for not sending you guys a general update yet.  I (& my family) have been truly impressed with the HART team - with your love for the cats, and your professionalism & commitment to their well-being!


After more than 12 years in the HART family, we are so happy to have Dusty here with us as her 'forever family,' but I can only imagine how much some of you must be missing this sweet girl!


Dusty likes to rest much of the day still here, but she has been much less shy than I anticipated.  


She likes to come over to say "Hi" to just about anyone who comes in the bedroom.  In fact, she likes pets SO MUCH that she will sometimes forego her treats or wet food snacks for a time - just to keep rubbing & loving up against whoever's offering a hand - purring and purring away the whole time.  (Part of my delay in sending this update has been wanting to get some really good footage of her here, but alas, that will have to come later!)


Once she gets enough pets and starts eating, she will still often pause her meal long enough to come over and rub up against whoever might be sitting nearby on the floor.  She particularly seems to like to have her head and ears pet, but also likes full pets along her back and to the base of her tail - purring all along the way.


I was petting her one day, and I needed to leave the room to go do something else, and she turned around right quickly, looking at me like "Wait!  Don't stop petting me!"  (So I stayed to give her some more pets - how could I not?)


The work your team has done with Dusty has truly blown us away.  Even in the two years (or so) since we first met her, she has grown so much in the area of socialization - from sometimes tolerating gentle pets on her head - to now rubbing her whole body along our hands, legs, and furniture, asking for more!


That seems truly remarkable to me, particularly for a kitty of her "tenure."  ;-)


Thank you for allowing us the blessing of having Dusty become part of our family - and for helping her be ready to enjoy this next season of her life, here at home with us.  <3  We are 'forever' grateful.


~ Aubrey & Jordan family


( a week later) 




"Dusty is one of the best kitties ever! She is loving pets and seems to be settling in quite nicely. We LOVE her!!!" 


Aubrey ~

Dusty at home .jpg