Stork - Seeking a home where she can cuddle & play

                                                                         Stork is a lovely. 3.5 year old, short-haired calico who came to us from                                                                             our animal rescue partners in Pennsylvania last year. Social and playful,                                                                           she loves getting attention from people. When she first arrived,                                                                                       Stork had dry skin and a poor coat, and tended to have episodes of                                                                                 wobbling and falling over, followed by intense ear-scratching. It was                                                                               clear that she had some kind of allergy and was prone to ear                                                                                             infections, and our Medical Team determined that the root of the                                                                                     problem was severe food allergies. Finding the right diet required                                                                                   weeks of testing, but finally an all-duck cuisine was the one that



worked. Stork moved to one of our experienced foster homes where it could be ensured that she stayed on her current diet and medication.


Since then, she has blossomed into an even more loving and fun feline.

She loves to follow her foster mom around like a dog. While not a lap kitty

per se, she loves the "long lap" created when anyone lies down on the

couch. The laser toy is her favorite, and she happily runs down hallways and

up the stairs, chasing the little red light. Stork, also known by her nickname,

Kitty, is now ready to find her "furrever" family, and she would make a

perfect companion in a household as either the only cat or with a low-key

feline friend. Below is what her foster mom had to say.


                                                  "Stork is a true companion cat. She loves to

                                                    be around us day and night. She sleeps at

                                                    the foot of the bed, patiently awaiting for

                                                    us to rise and give her breakfast. She will

                                                    follow us from room to room, wanting to be with us until we settle down.





Stork loves to sleep in the sun or in a cushy chair. Watching birds and squirrels from a window or the screened-in porch is one of her favorite pastimes. A couple times a day she lets you know that it’s time for her work out. Running up and down stairs or down long hallways, chasing a laser beam, is her favorite exercise. 


In the evening she sits beside us while we watch TV or plops herself on our laps when we stretch out on the couch. At bedtime, she joins us on the bed. However, once we are asleep she brings her favorite catnip mouse upstairs for us to find in the morning."


Stork in the shelter

Puzzle supervisor

Cuddling with foster mom