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HART Policies

Adoption Policy

For complete details, please go to our Adopt page.

Surrender Policy

For complete details, please go to our Surrender Policy page.

Indoor Policy


HART believes that indoor cats are much safer and live longer. Cats who go outdoors are at risk of bad outcomes because of vehicles, dogs, bad weather, wildlife, parasites, and spoiled food. Outdoor cats can be mistaken for strays and they are at risk of getting lost, chased, trapped, or being taken to a shelter. Unfortunately many pet owners do not tag or microchip their cats and it is hard to determine if a found cat is a stray. Many cats who are lost never find their way home. To assure that your cat remains safe, keep it indoors. A cat will be happy inside if you provide climbing posts, toys, bird feeders, daily play, and lots of love. HART adopts its cats with the understanding that the cats will remain indoor cats so that they may live long, happy lives.

Community Service Volunteer Policy

HART’s Community Service Volunteer program is designed for individuals who are seeking short-term volunteer opportunities (school requirement, court-ordered, etc). Applicants will be placed according to shelter needs. Volunteer activities may include cleaning cat rooms or common areas, laundry, dishes, yard work, and other general shelter upkeep tasks. Community Service Volunteers must fill out a volunteer application and meet with a volunteer program coordinator. References on the applicant's behalf may be requested. Completing an application does not guarantee placement.

Community Service for Students

Volunteers in this category generally have a small amount of community service hours they must obtain to satisfy educational requirements. Students 16 years or older can apply with parent/guardian approval. An adult must accompany student volunteers between the ages of 13 and 16 while they are at the shelter.

Court-Mandated Community Service

Volunteers who are required to satisfy a specific number of community service hours according to a court mandate must be 18 years or older. In order to apply for a community service volunteer position at HART, the offense(s) must not pertain to theft, animal abuse, sexual offense, or violence. A copy of court documentation of the offense(s) must be provided and each application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Euthanasia Policy

All of the animals in our care are provided with the best possible medical treatment and rehabilitation. We will not euthanize any animal for reasons of age, deformity, behavior, appearance, or convenience. If an animal is euthanized, it is due to the severity of an illness or injury and the resulting lack of quality of life.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

HART does not rehabilitate injured or abandoned wildlife, but can provide a list of state wildlife rehabilitators in response to inquiries.  Please refer to the URL below for a list of wildlife rahabilitators.