Dear HART Friends,


2020 certainly was a very difficult year for everyone. But we see the light at the end of the tunnel!  HART’s traditional fundraising methods were challenged last year.  The Annual Yard & Bake Sale was cancelled in 2020 but WILL take place in August of 2021! Other live events, such as our auction, kitten events, and bake sales, were also put on hold. (Plans are in the works for all of those as well!) Stay tuned! We have created a fun new, safe way for you to shop and help the kitties! Check out our Meow Madness Marketplace on HART’s website!  All proceeds go directly to the cats!

The impact of in-person fundraising events being halted last year, combined with the uncertainty of individual and corporate donors, created a financial loss of over $200,000.  Despite that, HART has continued our mission to save countless precious felines. We couldn’t do that without the generosity and ongoing support of people like YOU.


We humbly come to you once again to ask for your support. As you all know, every dollar and cent adds up! Donations of food and paper towels are welcomed. See our wish list on our website under the “Support” tab.

Thank you so very much!       


Sarah McNamara                                            Andy Hanna

President & Volunteer                                   Operations Director

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Apple, 11 years at HART!  
After living at HART for 11 years, Apple, one of our “Shy Angels” in Room 5, has found her forever home! Volunteers on the “Shy Angels Team” had worked very hard for some time to socialize this beautiful girl. Shy with people, Apple was known as the “ambassador” in Room 5, being the first to welcome a new kitty to the room, bathing and sleeping with the other kitties. Thank you to Alison & Andrew who had adopted 2 other shy kitties and really wanted to give a chance to a cat that had been in the shelter for a long time. So now, Apple is loving sitting in windows and staring at chipmunks. She is just about ready to meet her 2 new roommates and we are guessing that she will take over the role of mom there as well. A huge thank you to Carmen and the other loving members of the Shy Angels Team!

Some wonderful udates

Ming the survivor!  
Ming, a gorgeous young social Siamese, arrived at HART quite sick. Our medical team spent weeks doing tests, diagnosing an upper respiratory infection, stomatitis, and serious dental issues requiring many extractions. After treatment, lots of relaxation and love in foster care, she now is healthy, spayed, purring up a storm, and happy! A big thank you to Krista and her daughter, Noelle, for helping Ming bounce back! This love is almost ready to find her ‘furever’ home! 

James Dean, a local kitty  in need of help!

Vanessa, a local island resident, had a sweet boy named James Dean that had developed a life-threatening urinary tract blockage. A veterinary partner reached out to us with a joint  funding opportunity, hoping that HART could assist so that Vanessa and James Dean could remain a family. Living on an island, transportation was difficult with no access to a car, but she was determined to do whatever was needed. Thankfully, no surgery!

Tamara the tiger!

Tamara, an adorable tiger kitten, came to us from a rescue group in northern Maine, with what was thought to be a leg sprain. After several exams and observations, it was determined that she had sustained spinal cord and orthopedic injuries, difficult to diagnose due to the swelling. Tamara had exams and tests with specialists, extended cage rest, then visits with a physical therapist.

After home care with Bobbi-Jo, HART’s Medical Manager, Tamara is now in a volunteer’s home for continued personalized physical therapy and more socialization. Together, this determined kitten and Leigh, her foster mom, are making great progress! Tamara is still dragging one leg, but with exercise and tailored play, she is now tearing around the whole house, full of spunk and energy! Nothing stops this little girl! She climbs on everything and is very curious and active. Tamara, 7 months old, was adopted to a wonderful home with a kitty sibling and a wonderful and excited mom and dad!


Thank you to HART’s veterinary partners, Leigh, Bobbi-Jo, and also to all of our donors who help us continue our work with special kitties like Tamara.

Tamara on red chair.jpg

Calypso, 8 years at HART!

This beautiful girl could have a little ‘tude and wasn’t always receptive to humans, although she would sit in the lap of volunteers. Sharon, and others, knew that she needed to find the right home! Well, her journey was long, but Calypso is now Queen in her new home, loving her sunny rooms and having fun watching the birds and squirrels in her yard! Many thanks go out to Elaine, her new mom, who wanted to give this shy (and sometimes challenging) girl a home, knowing that she would need to have patience and learn to read her signals. 

Despite Covid-19, HART exceeded both adoptions and surrenders in 2020 over the previous year! We worked closely with other in-state shelters assisting them with their overflows, taking in both cats and litters of kittens, with or without moms.  Although the shelter was not open for normal adoption hours, our Adoption Team and Operations Director worked diligently with potential adopters to set up private, safe, distanced and masked visits. Visitors were able to enjoy spending quiet time with the kitties, very helpful when looking for your new love!


We also worked closely with veterinarians and pet owners in local communities to take in surrenders where necessary. HART always looks for ways to enable people to keep their beloved cats, perhaps helping with food or medical needs, like Vanessa and James Dean, one of our feature stories.

HART Adoption Stats—Cats & Kittens:

2019     647

2020     709

HART Intakes/Surrenders of Cats & Kittens:

2019     640

2020     773