HART's Shy Angels

After quite a bit of thought we decided that moving our "Room One" kitties to Room Five would hopefully be an upgrade, both in terms of potential adoption, and in terms of a decrease in noise, for these special kitties.


For a number of years, Room One did in fact house kitties that were in large part pretty much terrified of

people. For this reason, this room was routinely, and for good reason, skipped during tours of adoptable kitties at HART. While that has happily changed since our program has been in progress, the association with this Room still lingers. We hope that moving our "Shy Angels" to a new room will help to break this association with these kitties being un-adoptable.


Also, moving the kitties to the back of the shelter gives them a bit more quiet, which they do in fact rather enjoy. The front of the shelter is the hub of activity at HART, and this commotion could sometimes be a hard for them, and also make working with them a bit challenging at times as well.


So we hope this move, and so far it seems to be the case, will give our "Shy Angels" a bit more quiet, and bit more visibility with potential adopters. We also hope it will help us all to remember that these are truly changed kitties from a few years ago. They have all come a long way, and little by little are learning to trust, and even seek out human attention, and love.


Please reach out if you have questions, or are interested in any or our “Shy Angel” kitties. Even if a particular kitty you may be drawn to is not officially listed as ready for adoption, if the perfect home presented itself for one of these kitties, we will do all we can to make this a win, win for you, and for our “Shy Angels”.


Thank you!

The “Shy Angel” team.


There is a wonderful team of volunteers working directly with these kitties. This is a labor of love and a work in progress. As we determine each kitty is ready for a forever home, we will post them on our website.  Please watch for updates and consider whether you or someone you know may be able to take on the challenge of offering a forever home to one of the Room One kitties.  

If you would like to know more about this program and these special kitties, please contact Carmen Gerard

Please watch our beautiful Shy Angels kitties really hamming it up on their YouTube channel. They have gone all out to show you how adorable, funny, and clever they can be!

Simon, 5 year old male​

Simon is a gorgeous Lilac Point Siamese kitty. He was transferred to HART from another rescue in March of 2015 with a history of ongoing litter box issues that were not resolving. We are very happy to say that he has since overcome these liter box issues. 


But Simon is still a very sensitive kitty who is highly affected by his environment. He senses and feels every sound, smell, noise and touch very acutely. And while Simon is not aggressive in any way, he gets overwhelmed quite easily and will cover his eyes with his paws when he feels nervous. 


Simon loves other kitties,  and he is shy, but open to people. When he feels safe and secure he is very inquisitive, and loves to play. We know Simon would blossom in a quiet home, with someone who can spend lots of gentle quiet time really bonding with him, and gaining his trust. Simon is a beautiful, gentle and sensitive soul just waiting for his perfect forever home. 

Video 1


Jasmine, 9 year old female

Jasmine is a beautiful and loving kitty who has been at HART since 2011. After much work she has really come to trust humans and seek out their affection and touches. She is very devoted and would ideally love a home with someone who is a real homebody, who works from home and needs a helper to sit on your desk or lap while you work. In this scenario we feel she would not need another kitty friend but otherwise she would be best suited to a home with one other kitty who is laid back and easy going.


Jasmine does not seem to closely bond to other kitties but yet we feel she would be lonely without another kitty in her home. Jasmine is still wary of fast movements and loud noises and she is nervous about being touched on her face. But she LOVES to be petted and to be near her human, and her heart is just waiting to bond with her forever person. 

Video 1

Video 2


Happy Tails from our Shy Angels

We are excited to share great stories about some of our kitties who found a great home.


            Cosmo and Chelsea (L.C. and Elsie)