Do you love kittens? So do we!

We are always looking to expand our team, so if any of these jobs sound like a fun and rewarding way to spend your spare time, please reach out! 

Kitten Team Coordinator (up to 20 hours per week)

                Coordinate intake of kittens

                Coordinate medical appointments

                Work with shelter staff on medical issues and events

                Maintain supplies (food, litter, medication, etc)

                Recruit volunteers / fosters

                Train volunteers / fosters

                Maintain kitten files (paper and electronic)


Kitten Team Admin (up to 10 hours per week)

                Work with Coordinator scheduling intake of kittens and medical appointments

                Help Maintain kitten files (paper and electronic)

                Process applications

                Return phone calls


Kitten event coordinator (up to 10 hours per week)

                Schedule events with locations

                Transport supplies to and from event

                Maintain supplies needed for event

                Coordinate publicity with Social Media team

                Coordinate with volunteers and foster homes to bring kittens


Kitten Foster Liason (up to 10 hours per week)

                Deliver food / litter / paperwork to fosters

                Help with kitten transports for medical appointments



              Provide safe space for kittens and mother cats


               Vet visits

               Show kittens at events or in your home