I just wanted to give you a little update on how Simon is doing! First off, his routine bloodwork came back and he is very healthy! No thyroid, liver, or kidney issues at all, and he is a healthy kitty aside from needing those little surgeries! We will be scheduling that for early in the new year to give him as much time to acclimate as possible. 

It has been really fun to see Simon's routine develop. He is such a nocturnal boy! I have set up a little security camera , to record whenever there's movement in his room. During the day, little Simon sleeps peacefully inside a cubby hole in his kitty tree. However, as soon as the lights in the house go out at night, he awakens! He stretches, has a bite to eat and some water, and starts by just sitting and listening to the room. He usually spends a few hours gazing out the window into the night, and spends a good deal of time exploring and re-exploring every nook and cranny of his room. I try to put some new toys or something in there each night, to keep him entertained! It is so funny to see how active he is - but ONLY if the lights are out! If I forget to turn out all the lights, or we go to bed late, he waits until all the lights are out before he starts moving around. I think he's just far more comfortable with exploring his surroundings at night.

We've been working on petting him with the feathers - I pet him with the "thick" end of the feather last night and I swear there was just the teeensiest hint of a purr from him - he enjoyed it! I still pet him gently with my hands when I'm able, but he's not super trusting right now, since we had to take him to the vet recently and I had to pick him up to get him in the carrier. I've actually been experimenting with the feather technique with our other cat, Freedom, who is quite tenacious, but does not like to be touched. She LOVED the peacock feather, even closing her eyes while I pet her with it!! I'm going to let the agency I got her from know about your feather work as well, if that's ok. They will be quite interested, I think!

Anyway, things here are going great - I spend about 30 - 45 minutes each day in Simon's room, about 5-10 minutes of that interacting with him directly, 5 minutes cleaning/changing food or litter, etc, and the rest I just sit next to him and read. He's not showing any interest in play yet. but we'll get there!!

Sorry for the long note - lots to say!!!