Tamara - Waiting for a special home!


Day 1

Introducing Tamara, a 7 month old, special needs cat who is inquisitive, playful, energetic, and ready to shimmy her way right into your heart! She has a wonderfully soft coat with beautiful tabby markings, and really is just cute as a button. Tamara transferred to HART from one of our animal rescue partners in northern Maine last fall, when she was about 10 weeks old. Unfortunately, she was found with serious injuries, dragging her rear legs, and upon further evaluation, it was discovered that she had suffered spinal cord trauma as well as multiple orthopedic injuries, including a fractured pelvis, fractured femur, dislocated hip, and torn Achilles' tendon. Understandably, Tamara was in a lot of pain, and did not trust or tolerate much handling from humans when she first arrived.

After a period of extended cage rest and treatment at home with HART's Medical Manager, Tamara moved to her current foster home with a HART Volunteer to continue physical therapy rehabilitation and build socialization skills. Over the course of the past several months, Tamara has made great progress on both fronts, and has impressed us with both her tenacity as well as her ability to become so well-adjusted. It is believed that the nerve damage resulting from her injuries is the primary cause of her limited use of her left rear leg, although she is able to use it for balance and she will periodically put weight on it. Even with her mobility issues, this kitty can get around at surprising speed, typically scooting around on her left hip, using her right rear leg as a "propeller." Tamara is also an excellent climber, and loves using her tall scratching post and climbing up into her multi-level cat tree--she will also climb up to your kitchen counters if you happen to leave drawers open or a step stool nearby, so consider yourself forewarned! She has very good litter box habits, but it must be noted that her disability occasionally causes her to accidentally defecate outside of the litter box, and sometimes she gets a bit of urine on her leg while she is in the box due to her somewhat cross-legged stance when going potty. Fortunately, she is a good groomer and keeps herself clean. We have found that she does well using a wide, low-sided, "puppy pan" style litter box, and also with having easy access to two litter boxes placed in different locations. Tamara is a good eater, and does well being meal-fed 2 or 3 times per day. It will be important to keep her at an appropriately slim weight in order to both facilitate her mobility as well as prevent future issues such as arthritis.

Tamara glamour shot.jpg

Glamour Tamara

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Out the window

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On the stool

Despite all that she has been through, Tamara is a friendly and affectionate cat, and she enjoys spending lots of time with trusted people, both in interactive play as well as quality chill time. She is an active and aware cat, and she needs an interesting indoor environment with appropriate outlets for her energy. This kitty really loves to play, and she will ask you to play a game by bringing you a little mouse or chaser toy, or staring at the place where you store the fun string toys! She is also very good at entertaining herself, and is particularly fond of batting around little "spring" toys and balls (she has been known to keep up such a game for nearly an hour!), and monitoring the comings and goings of visitors to the bird feeders from her window perches. A clever little girl, she has mastered a cat treat puzzle game, and she currently enjoys playing with the magical, food-dispensing ball. Her daily "zoomies" are pretty funny to watch, because she will zip around the house as fast as she can, often with her ears back and emitting a few fierce growls as she launches herself onto her cat tree! Once she has burned off her excess energy, she loves to snuggle on your lap or next to you in bed, purring and kneading as she falls asleep. One of the sweet ways she expresses her affection is by reaching up gently with one paw to touch your face--it really is the cutest thing! Tamara tolerates nail trims and exams when handled with patience and confidence, and she provides clear cues about how she is feeling.

Spring toy fun!

Tamara snuggled on lap.jpg

Laying with foster mom

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Back of couch

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Cat in the bag

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A little cautious and sensitive by nature, she can be startled by unfamiliar people and noises, and she will require a thoughtful, cat-centered introduction to a new home. It won't be long before she settles in, though, and she'll be exploring and playing right along side you. Her ideal home would be one with a loving family who will both accommodate her special needs and continue to work on strengthening and mobility therapy. She would do fine with older, gentle children who know how to carefully and properly handle a cat. Tamara did very well living in a household with multiple cats and dogs, and we think she would enjoy having friendly feline and canine friends in her new home.

Our Medical Manager as well as Tamara's Foster Mom would be happy to speak with you more about Tamara's needs. Her foster mom is also willing to send Tamara off to her new home with her favorite toys and scratching post. Please note that Tamara lives in a local foster home, not at the shelter. If you are interested in adopting this special kitty, please submit an online application, specifying Tamara, and a member of our Adoption Team will get in touch with you!

Favorite red blanket