Teddy - A loving girl hoping for her furrever home.


Teddy is a beautiful, 12 year old kitty who was surrendered to HART in the summer of 2020 when her former family had to relocate and could not take her with them. When she arrived, she was very afraid and prone to hiding, and living in the shelter environment was overwhelming for her. When we have a cat who is fearful, it is our job to help ease those fears by giving them love and assuring them that they are safe and that we won’t hurt them. Teddy moved to one of our experienced foster home offices to give her a chance to "chill" and receive individualized care.  While it has taken a good amount of time for her to feel safe and comfortable, she has made great progress! We now know she loves attention and pets from her several foster moms, and she also likes to sit and roll on their desks as they work and will sleep on the bed.

This gray girl with rabbit-soft fur lets her presence be known with little squeaks and by rubbing against your legs. She will now let one of her foster moms pick her up gently, hold and kiss her, and place her on her lap or next to her on a chair or couch. She gets "spooked" much less often by noises, strangers, or by quick movements, but when she does startle and run off, she comes right back. Once she gets to know you, Teddy will share her lovable, playful personality with you, and you'll find out just how sweet she is. Among her other favorite hobbies are being brushed, watching birds and chipmunks through the window, chasing toy mice, and enthusiastically playing with her trackball toy--she goes nuts for that thing!


This lovely senior gal would be great in a very quiet home with only one or two adults who are around the majority of time, and who are willing to patiently work with her to develop a solid, trusting relationship. Developing a relationship with her may take some time, and her adopter needs to be willing, at first, to place her in a room where she can’t hide (she knows how to find great hiding places), sit on the floor near her, soothe her with slow eye blinks, treats, and lots of sweet talk. Then, as she is more comfortable, she can move about a larger area of the house. Teddy's foster moms can give you tips on how they’ve developed a loving relationship with her. This is not a kitty that will give you immediate gratification--you need to earn her trust, and it is so is worth it. Open your heart and home to Teddy, and you will be rewarded with a gentle and devoted companion!

Please note that Teddy lives in a local foster home, not at the shelter. If you are interested in adopting Teddy, please submit an online adoption application, specifying Teddy, and a member of our Adoption Team will get in touch with you to set up an appointment to meet her.