Happy Tails

Tadhg & Toril
"These are my grand-kitties Tadhg and Toril who were hurricane rescue kittens from HART." ~ Carol, November 2020
Venus & Daisy May
"So much love! Venus and her rescue sister Daisy May." ~ Bridget, November 2020
Sadie & Tux
"Sadie & Tux say thank you! ❤️Home❤️" ~ Amy, December 2020
"Just wanted to let you know that Nellie has settled in and is doing well. She is using her litter box and scratching posts so that is excellent. She is very mischievous and gets into, onto and under everything! Keeps me on my toes. But yesterday we also took a nap together so she is going to turn out fine. Nellie loves the outdoor deck." ~ Rema, May 2020
"We are in love with Birch! He’s doing well! He has a super cozy room with all the comforts and we’ve been taking turns sleeping with him at night. Hoping to introduce him to our cat Max this weekend. ♥️" ~ Stephanie, December 2020
"Two years ago today, I brought this gentle giant home to join the family. He has fit in like a glove since day 1."~ Tim, October 2020
"Nadine and Nemo, our two HART loves, are such incredible kitties. Nadine is an absolute sweetheart and cuddler. Nemo, our Tuxedo boy, thinks he's a dog and follows me everywhere and loves to give kisses. Love, love, love these guys!" ~ Marcia, September 2020
"Nadine and Nemo, our two HART loves, are such incredible kitties. Nadine is an absolute sweetheart and cuddler. Nemo, our Tuxedo boy, thinks he's a dog and follows me everywhere and loves to give kisses. Love, love, love these guys!" ~ Marcia, September 2020
"Sylvia (adopted November 2019) licks butter off a plate on a bed. I can’t believe this was the shy trembling girl we met at the shelter. She’s now a vocal, frisky, and bold girl at home!" ~ Lauren, April 2020
"We adopted our cat Irene from HART about 8 years ago & wanted to let you know how she is doing. She is our fur baby & makes each day better! We are so thankful for HART because without them we wouldn't have our baby. About 2 years ago we thought we might lose her because of a severe UTI & kidney infection. Having her happy and healthy is the best thing." ~ Amber, May 2020
"Ally has settled in nicely. No accidents at all, which is good.I think she just needed to find her “right” home. She loves chasing the laser pointer & has lost about 2 pounds under the vet’s direction.She also plays with her “brother” Kameron daily-it’s hilarious to watch.Very much a lap cat, she spends her days lounging around when she isn’t playing.She is definitely a happy cat!" ~ Jared, August 2020
Thomas O'Malley & Lilly Belle
"Hi! I wanted to share a photo of bonded pair Thomas O'Malley & Lily Belle (formerly Mattie and Mystery). We adopted them March 2013. They are now 11 and such joys to have here! Every night before dinner they start grooming each other and it always ends in fisticuffs." ~ Nancy, June 2020
Bunsen Honeydew
"10 yrs ago you brought Bunsen Honeydew into my life & heart. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you is not enough for all the love & support you have given us over the years. You truly do the work of angels. God bless!"~ Tracey, June 2020
Harrison (John Book)
"I just wanted to give you an update on Harrison! He is AMAZING, not to mention hilarious, and it has been a true joy learning all of his quirks. He is SUPER food motivated and wakes me up at promptly 6:30 every morning to scream in my face telling me it's breakfast time.He has become my best friend, the best entertainer & napping buddy. I am so so so grateful for you folks at HART for rescuing him & allowing me to adopt him!" ~ Emily, July 2020
"Hello! I adopted one of your cats about a week or so ago. Just wanted to give you an update!
He loves to cuddle as much as he loves to play. His favorite toy to play with is the little stuffed sock that was made by a member of your staff!" ~ Marissa, June 2020
Jasmine & Tonks
"Jasmine is just starting to get comfortable enough to hang out and watch TV with her HART brother, Tonks." ~ Bethany & Jeff, April 2020
Jasmine on the couch
Happy & Dash
"Happy purrs very loudly & rubs just before the canned food goes down. Dash will climb up on the chair & "Pat me" if I am not giving her the required amount of attention she deems necessary (or on the couch or bed). The "Girls" celebrated their birthday in March & anniversary of home coming in April." ~ Jan, May 2020
Ruby & Zion (Tuesday)
"Ruby and Zion (aka Tuesday) are doing wonderful! They’re little snuggle bugs and love to be with us all the time!! Love them so much!" ~ Jonathan, March 2020
Naido (Minou)
"Naido is doing great! She hides a bit during the day but comes out when called for pets & treats;becoming very bold.Using the litter box perfect & eating well. She has been following me around & we are becoming fast friends. She is very funny & loves to stretch her back leg out when she is relaxed lol." ~ Kayla, March 2020
Ruby & Tuesday
"Ruby and Tuesday are settling in well!! Thanks for everything!!" ~ Jonathan, February 2020
"It's Houdini's (fka Fiesty Kitten) gotcha day. 3 years later and he is still a scardy cat, but the sweetest soul I know. We are so thankful for him.❤️" ~ Katie, February 2020
BB8 (Berlin)
"She is settling in great! She moves/acts like BB8 & we just knew her name had to become BB8. She even slept with us last night on the bed! Thank you for making this adoption happen & bringing this sweetheart into our lives." ~ Beatrice, December 2019
O.D. (Pumpkin) & Ronan (Jerry)
"We adopted these boys 2 years ago today & wanted to say thank you! O.D. and Ronan (Formerly Pumpkin and Jerry) are loving, happy, bonded boys who love the "red dot" and cookies!" ~ Holly, January 2020
Burt's Christmas photo
"And look at Burt now! Thank you Hart❤️💐" ~ Christine, January 2020
Diego and kitten friend
"Yesterday was Diego’s 3 year adoptiversary with us. He’s emotionally grown SO MUCH in that time. He cuddles & plays and even has a kitten pal he cuddles with (who’s now bigger than Diego and irritates him sometimes. But they love each other )." ! Megan, December 2019
"I kept his name as Kingston & he is doing fantastic. He loves being our kitty & is super happy being a couch ornament with snuggles from the kids. We love him so so much!!" ~ Abigail & Scott, January 2020
"Just wanted to show you all Mellow! It’s been about a month and she is wonderful!! Such a love and seems very happy with us. Thank you!" ~ Becca, October 2019
Fozzy Bear (Faustino)
"For those of you that remember this wonderfully big, beautiful boy, it is his 1 year anniversary of joining my little family! Since day one, he has fit in like a glove and we couldn’t be happier. He has two brothers and a sister & they are all so terrific to one another. Happy Anniversary Faustino aka Fozzy Bear. Here’s to many many more." ~ Tim, October 2019
Angel (Pounder)
"Beautiful Angel! My 16 year old HART kitty, formerly "Pounder" whose favorite spot is her fluffy pillows where she waits for me to get to bed!" ~ Becca, October 2019
"Ava's update: She is a bit feisty so we have to wrap her in towel to cut her nails. But she is so lovely. She wakes us up when we sleep just to cuddle. She loves jerky food. Thanks HART!" ~ Michelle, October 2019
"He's a happy kitty now." ~ Samantha, September 2019
Nilla (Caspar)
"I adopted my kitty, Nilla, from HART in 2017. She had many teeth extracted before I adopted her. She was super skittish & hid under the bed for 4 months at first. We have made so much progress though because she snuggles in my lap (only as of Jan '19) & is generally my sidekick at home. Thank you!" ~ Alison, Sept 2019
Childers (Baker)
"This Hart baby was adopted in Jan '19 & he continues to live his
best life! Childers (Chill-ders.) spends his days & nights sleeping wherever he lands (sometimes the bathroom sink, sometimes on top
of Mum or Dad) & playing w/his older brother, Sturgill. He doesn't
love being handled but ironically is the snuggliest lamb in all the land-as long as it's on his terms! Thank you Hart for placing Childers right where he belongs!"~The Evans', August 2019
Happy & Dash
"Happy and Dash are finally fully 'at home.'
They are sweeties and very much loved already. Thank you all so much for the work you do." ~ Jan, July 2019
"Our little 18 y/o foster girl,Luna,has settled in quite nicely.Here she is getting her favorite skritches first thing in the morning.She eats & drinks like a champ,the fur has started to grow back on her tail where she stress plucked it bald & she's a little less wobbley.She's not much of a lap cat, but she will take head rubbin's for days.Which is good because Dad works from home so she gets all the skritchens she needs.Please consider fostering/adopting from HART of Maine!"!~Ashley, July 2019
"Three years ago Seamus graced our lives...from HART of Maine. Thank you so much." ~ Christina, July 2019
"Hello 🙂 I just wanted to send you a little update on Rebel who I adopted from HART last March! She has been such a joy ❤️ I've attached a pic I took today off Rebel and her beloved stuffed rabbit:) " ~ Robin, May 2019
Clementine (Jean Genie)
"Indoor kitty Clementine (formerly of Mango and Tango) living her best life. ❤️ 😻" ~ Bethany, May 2019
"Just an update on Binx! He is turning into a giant love bug and is super playful and is settling in well. Thank you so much!
Thank you for rescuing him! He and his brother are always together couldn’t imagine not having him we call him Vader btw haha." ~ Ryan, May 2019
Harvey & Louis
"My "little" HART furbabies turned 4 yesterday! (Harvey white chest and Louis). 😻😻" ! Kacey Anne
Raisin & Andre
"HART boys Andre (tabby and white) and Raisin (tuxedo). Andre arrived in Aug 2017 as a pal for an older cat. They became best friends and when that
cat passed on Raisin arrived in Sept 2018 as a pal for Andre -- and now THEY are best friends. They are both affectionate, funny, wonderful cats. Thanks so much HART!" ~ Seth, April 2019
Fenway and Stella
"Fenway and Stella love live outdoor entertainment. Fenway loves laps and cuddling. Stella is more interested in action and affection, but tries a cuddle once in a while. They keep us entertained!" ~ Jerry & Mary Beth, April 2019
"Thanks for Stella. She loves chasing the red dot and begs for rides on the rollator😊." ~ Mary Beth, April 2019
Asher (Key)
"It has been almost 5 months since we adopted Asher (Key) & I thought you & the folks at HART would like to hear a happy update with a few pictures.As I hoped, he has been settling in nicely. He definitely has a spunk/feisty side but he can also be sweet as pie!Thanks again for taking care of Asher and the other diabetic cats! He is certainly happy to have found his furever home even if his path to get here had a few twists and turns." ~ Maureen, April 2019
Asher (Key)
"He did need insulin for his first month here. Now that he has had a chance to relax his glucose levels have returned to normal & he just eats Fancy Feast classic,which he loves! He has also discovered freeze dried salmon which is his favorite treat.No carbs in them so it makes both of us happy. My youngest was home from school one day with a fever & Asher stayed with him for the day to make sure he was ok." ~ Maureen, April 2019
"I wanted to give you just an update on the big Dizzy!He settled in remarkably fast.He wasted no time hopping on laps & snuggling throughout the afternoon.He has been struggling with very persistent diarrhea since
coming home but we will keep trying different avenues.He has lost some weight but unfortunately not for good reason.I think it's mainly due to the diarrhea.I've attached some pictures of him. I'm sure he misses all of
you! We are so happy to have him in our life." ~ Grace, April 2019
Benny (Truffles)
"Here is Truffles, renamed Benny. He is settling in very nice, gets along with everyone and is loved." ~ Maggie, March 2019
"Rosa has been making herself right at home!" ~ Krystal, March 2019
"Hey there, I adopted Ping this past summer and she has quickly made herself queen of the house. She loves laying in the sun and cuddling! I could not have asked for a more loving sidekick than her. No matter where I go, she’s never too far behind! Thank you for all you do!!" ~ Taylor, March 2019
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